Come as you are!!!!

This is the message God gave me for the street people i minister every week to in Northbridge. I never prepare for the message but God always directs me how to speak to those in much need.

There is so much knowledge and cleverness in our world that sometimes we over think how we are supposed to act, behave and respond to life’s many wondrous events. This message is a simple one reflecting on the people of the day when Jesus and the disciples ministered to the masses that gathered or followed to hear him speak. The message was simple and did not speak to their intellect alone, it spoke to the heart that longs for acceptance, acknowledgement and a place to live. Come as you are simply says you don’t need to be perfect, jump hoops, pretend to be something else, perform mighty deeds or become a road scholar to attend when Jesus calls.

Setting the picture for you who read my blog, I observe as i speak to many who sit and listen or pass by on the footpath the realities of the duplicitous world we live in between the “haves and the have nots”. In front of me, the reality presented is of people and their choices and their afflictions through others around them and/or genetic impairment which brings people to a position of social need. The place i speak is surrounded by corporates, stakeholders and people who enjoy the inner city ambiences but readily walk by not knowing how to interact with or pass by a person just like them who needs the kindness of a stranger. The interesting view is the world within a world which thrives on its own rules and nuances and functions on the backs of the services set up that has no real answer to the life in need presented before them.

It is with great compassion that i present the message of the gospel to the people and i am always amazed at the power of God and the way he speaks to the individuals directly through the message or the love and support through conversation that is given to these complete strangers. I do not glorify myself as the great preacher but as a person called to do an ordinary thing that brings about the extraordinary in the life that is weighted down. Healing for the broken heart, tissue to wipe away the tears of those who carry much pain, a chair to sit on to listen and be heard or just sit in the presence of another caring person. There is so much scope and flexibility to work and tend to the needs and i am always encouraged to see how God uses us to bring about an answer to the individual. In particular, this message really speaks to all of us in our life. We must drop the pretence we all carry something close to our heart and its usually a hurt or something we don’t want the world to know. Many of us have never been told we are loved by those important to us, never have people said ‘I’m Sorry” for the hurt that has caused the walls to be built up and we walk chained to a past that cripples our future. This is why i love sharing the gospel of Christ and ministering to those in need because i can bring hope and truth to a life that cannot be answered by the world around. Even if they don’t listen or reject the message i know that someday, sometime there will be a time that this occasion will be remembered by them.

So today if you read this “Come as you are” Christ loves you and has the answers you are searching for to the many questions you have. God Bless and I pray that you will find the truth in relationship with our loving God as you enjoy living, creating and doing whatever it is you do.

In the begining,​ not just a “cliche”…

An appropriate introduction might be full of self-address (or should i say regress) and presentation of one’s life ideologies and beliefs. For sure they will come later on but i am not blogging here to sprout fluffy opinion or entertain the masses. My purpose is to present the life given by God found in his word. My approach is simple in presenting pragmatically the truth of Jesus’s message to others and their lives so that we may all find salvation through repentance in him. I live by some simple codes which i prefer to list as one liner’s such as “if we keep doing what we have always done we will always get what we have always got.” also “finding the message out of the mess” and “speak life into the lives of others”. For me, for too long we have been left to walk blindly through life, wandering following a world view which is full of holes but never really understanding or challenging that story we have created for ourselves through our experiences. We accept a standard based on the position that there has been no adverse impact on our given choice which somehow translates to, my life’s great my choices are fine each to their own. Existentially we are then left with the problematic question of Where did i go wrong? when i don’t meat the ideals i have set or the collective abides in. I am here to speak the truth and to stand against those who do not speak this truthJohn 14:6 “Jesus Answered them saying I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”

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